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Ive tried to work with The One countless times and just cant. I was expecting a gourmand fit for winter, IF someone were to wear this I feel its better suited for spring/summer.Hidden Fantasy is fresher, candy-like, playful but elegant. now I know why this wasnt ever a popular scent i'm not one for orange in fragrances as it doesn't sit well on me but this is amazing.Hidden Fantasy is a new fragrance and it was introduced in 2008. The orange is like a bakery orange scent, not a sharp citrus scent, which I love. I knew it was cheaper in B & M bargains so I went straight over and bought it. If you haven't tried it yet go out and spray a tester. To my horror, I saw that CLOVES have a significant number of votes and was horrified that I'd just made a terrific blunder because, normally, cloves despise me, dominating the fragrance and shrieking from my skin.The nose behind this fragrance is Rodrigo Flores-Roux. This scent is amazing and not what I expected at all! I think this is nothing like her other fantasy flankers. THIS is the one and only exception to my "no cloves" rule!!!It's definitely in the same vein as Fantasy, yet has plenty of differences to be its own individual perfume. Would definitely repurchase this if/when I run out. It becomes a little less interesting after awhile, turning a bit brighter and more floral. All I had to do, is waiting until fall and probably winter, to wear it.Was really hesitant to try this-- Circus Fantasy was so terribly tarte on me and I was concerned that a primarily citrus flanker would do the same. Topnote is definitely orange, but is offset with spicy clove. Still good, though, and very suitable for colder seasons. It´s is a pleasant, a little soapy, orangey - tangeriney- scent. Its fruity opening is very Escada to me in a good way, very pleasant and to me it belongs to the Eau so Party by VS family,not a resemblance just how i see it because of the sugary sweet and sour fruits: orange, and citrus accordingly, afterall these fruits all belong in the same family(with clementines,tangerine, mandarin & blood orange).The spices play with the sweetness to create a perfect cloud of (to my perception) sweet, delicate beauty.

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I get creamy citrus like some sort of orange sorbet and hint of clove and sandalwood and vanilla.

I don't care about the hate this comment will garner, but Britney Spears' Hidden Fantasy's fragrance is exponentially superior to Chanel's Coco eau de parfum (present formulation, NOT the vintage). Literally everything that (present-day) Coco failed to do this one does, like a BOSS.

There is a sweetness that remains delicate, sheer, and non-cloying.

We’re keeping our fingers crossed that Sam sticks for Brit!

Wait — WTF Happened to Britney Spears’ Cousin/Ex-Assistant Alli Sims?

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