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d BASE III – MSDOS (Level 2sh) was now completely focused on 16-bit operations and was introduced in 1.0 was released in June 1984.The underlying d BASE database was still based on an intermediate version of the d BASE II file format.Fields are packed into records without field separators or record terminators.The end of the file is marked by a single byte 0x1A.The file structure has evolved over the years to include many more features and capabilities and has introduced various other files to help support data storage and manipulation. The format is supported by a number of database products.The original d BASE database was started by Wayne Ratliff in 1978 and was known as Project Vulcan.Keep in mind that d BASE is an IDE (integrated development environment), a database system, a compiler, and a database application builder.

in addition, you could use the DATE() function available such as date( yyyy, mm, dd ) as Date( 2006, 02, 16 ) which would also return this specific date.If you want to understand the structure at a much lower level, review the Level 5 DOS headers section of this article.Project Vulcan (Level 1) There are no public records on the exact layout of the file the best information at this time is that it was a simple table that allows for adding, deleting, modifying, and printing out ASCII information.One byte of each record is reserved for the deletion flag.Database header structure The header structure, detailed in Table D.l and Table D.2, provides information d BASE for DOS uses to maintain the database file.

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