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Such deed of conveyance if made under the provisions of this section shall be signed by such officer or officers of the county as the resolution duly passed by such governing body may prescribe or provide.A certified copy of such resolution shall be recorded with the deed of conveyance so made.The Medicaid permit days must be proportionately allocated to each facility within the county that currently holds a Medicaid permit and is currently in compliance with its Medicaid permit.A facility is deemed to be in compliance for allocation of these additional Medicaid permit days if it has not exceeded its stated Medicaid permit by more than seven percent. Any State, county, district or other public hospital may purchase and provide the necessary facilities and equipment to establish and maintain an eye bank for restoration-of-sight purposes. Disturbing patients with radios or musical instruments.It shall be unlawful for any person to operate any radio or other musical instrument in such a manner that it annoys or disturbs any patient confined to a hospital or sanitarium.A nursing home which terminates its Medicaid contract must not be penalized for not meeting the requirements of this section if the nursing home was in compliance with its permit at the time of the cancellation. (B) A nursing home which exceeds its Medicaid patient days stated in its permit may be fined on the number of Medicaid patient days exceeding the permit days multiplied by its daily Medicaid per diem.Facilities designated as Special Focus Facilities may not be issued additional Medicaid permit days while they remain on the Special Focus list. Medicaid permit days provided to Complex Care residents, as certified by the Department of Health and Human Services, must not be counted against the facility's Medicaid permit for the first six months of their care.

HISTORY: 1962 Code Section 32-751; 1952 Code Section 32-751; 1942 Code Section 1396-1; 1939 (41) 410. Any person who shall: (1) At any hospital order and receive or cause to be furnished any food or accommodation based upon contract with intent to defraud the owner or proprietor of such hospital out of the value or price of such food or accommodation contract; (2) Obtain credit at any hospital by the use of any false pretense or device or by fraudulently depositing at such hospital any baggage or property of less value than the amount of such credit or of the bill by such person incurred, unless credit be given by express agreement; or (3) After obtaining creditor accommodation based upon contract at any hospital, surreptitiously remove his baggage or property therefrom; Shall be guilty of a misdemeanor.

(C) If the Department of Health and Human Services or the General Assembly decreases the number of Medicaid patient days available to the department, the department shall proportionately decrease the authorized Medicaid patient days for each nursing home. Any complex care provided after six months must be counted toward the facility's Medicaid patient days under the permit days times their daily Medicaid per diem rate less the statewide average patient per diem recurring income times thirty percent.

If additional Medicaid patient days are authorized in the following year, they must be restored proportionately to each nursing home in accordance with subsection (B). Complex Care reimbursement must not be used in the fine calculation.

The provisions of this section shall not include the fees of physicians and surgeons. Conveyance to Federal Government of lands for veterans' hospital.

HISTORY: 1962 Code Section 32-752; 1952 Code Section 32-752; 1942 Code Section 1219; 1932 Code Section 1219; Cr. The governing body of any county in this State in which the United States Government decides to locate or build a hospital for veterans may, by resolution passed by a majority vote of such body, convey to the United States Government in fee simple, free of all encumbrances, any lands now owned or hereafter acquired by it for the use and benefit of such veterans' hospital, such conveyance to be without consideration and as a gift to the United States Government.

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