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Easy application - noticeable curl so my short lashes appear longer.It stays put for me until I wash it off - swimming, sweating, crying whatever.So where exactly are all these outstanding reviews coming from? Then to my surprise I received an email notification of the first VIP membership charge.I sent an email immediately insisting they reverse this charge and cancel this account or I would dispute it and slam them in every review I could possibly find.Thankfully I have not seen the charge on my credit card since.When the rest of my order arrived I noted that they had sent a purple eye liner instead of the black I had ordered. I immediately went to their website to confirm my order but they had BLOCKED ME OUT of seeing all of my past orders.It doesn't fit as neatly into a box or drawer alongside other mascaras because of the curves and variety of widths, but it is also still to wide and short to store easily in a pen cup or grass pen holder.Price: If you catch this product on Hautelook its like 12$ for a mini that will last you at least sixth months (twice the recommended amount of time for keeping a mascara), and that's not bad, but a full tube of this will run you 30$ not including shipping which at least to me is really pricey.

I strongly suggest you do NOT fall prey to this company.

It is washable but stays on all day, is smudge-free, is a good balance of volume and length, and removes super easily at night as compared to many other washable mascaras.

As much as I do love waking up with the perfect smudged eyeliner, there is something to be said for a truly washable mascara.

I have OK long lashes with a nice, natural curl, and this one keeps it intact. I don't know if it dires out (to the point of uselessness) faster than other mascaras, but I've been using my latest one for about 3 months, and it should last me a while longer. It also doesn't irritate my eyes like most mascaras do. I searched high and low for the hidden fees of subsequent charges but found nothing so I registered. I sent a message with the complaint and they insisted I must mix it with a bronzer.

The wand is fortunately not a spiraling one, but it's just OK. I feel the wand holds too much product, but I've thought that of every mascara I've ever owned. It doesn't really do much for volume (but enough for me), but makes the lashes seem longer since it doesn't weigh them down. No where in their description did it say that before I bought it and obviously this is a common problem they must have known about if they already knew the solution.

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