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And I cannot wish him back if he cannot be well and whole. Today, I cannot identify why, is impossible to bear.Fay, your words "he faced his death with faith, love, and courage. My husband died of MDS (cancer of the bone marrow) a bit more than two years ago after 15 years fighting for his life.Homegrown Video, giving amateur X fans what they love since 1982, so we know what fans love. I was only 17 when I met him and now I am left here to live the rest of my life without him!They know busting a sweet load of jizz in a hot wet pussy or up a tight little asshole feels way better than jacking off.Homegrown Video listened to fans of real amateur homemade sex videos, and fans of real amateur porn want sex the way couples really have it, not like porn stars, but like regular people that have sex to have fun, not work.I am sorry for my venting and very sorry for what you are going through..very unfair.

A handsome young waiter offers a sympathetic ear and by the end of his shift he'll be offering up his 10” BBC!I now must face my own health issue alone without my beloved husband. Seeing my husband declining (from very strong independent person to completely dependent! I love to travel and have taken several trips since Doug died, but I have done so with family. I can only imagine your pain at your daughter's wedding. Doug lived longer than anyone expected, surviving a little over 6 years. Some days are still just plain difficult to live through. So I ended up replacing all the appliances at the same time.)I am convinced that life is agift from God and I should make best out of it as I can,not to waste... Our bedroom is small, so it didn't make sense to have a queen when I didn't need one. During that time, we were blessed with our fourth granddaughter. I am sleeping alone in a king size bed and have considered switching it out to a queen!There were so many changes in the first year..two oldest children married, my mother passed away, I sold my house and moved into a condo and then lost my job of 7 years very unexpectedly.I do believe time is a healer but I am very tired of this life and wish the healing would come a little quicker.

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