Senegal dating culture dating for voksne Slagelse

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It is these complexities of attitude that make the subject so nuanced, and admittedly frustrating at times, to deal with.

It is particularly interesting to observe the change occurring in gender dynamics among the new generation of Senegalese.

“Chez les toubabs,” my dad said, “the wife orders the husband around.

Yet, if the monogamous and polygamous, Islamic and Christian alike, members of Senegalese society share the same general attitude towards women, and it is not due to a shared religion, what is the explanation?

The only thing I heard as a child on the subject of my future as a woman was along the lines of how I could be anything I wanted to be.

This set up a large surprise for life in Dakar, in a society that is 95 percent Muslim, with very specific ideas about the role of women in society.

Islam/Arab culture effectively created a patriarchal society in place of the traditional matriarchal one.

This was a hugely powerful change—effectively reversing gender dynamics that had been in place for centuries, with the introduction of a new religion. Women, like my host mother, still obviously are very much in charge of their home and direct all household operations.

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