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There are a lot of things to complain about when someone ghosts you.Whenever a person I dug suddenly dips out of my life, I tend to lament over the amount of time I took getting ready for the date, traveling to the date, and then actually being on the date, and realize I could have been spending all of that time watching old episodes of I understand the impulse to “know.” Looking back on my past single self with slightly clearer vision, I can see that my desire to quiz my dates on why they dumped me had more to do with me and less with them.Lovelies: Over the weekend, I spent some time with my dear friend Jack, a frequent contributor to, where he writes the column "I Did It for Science." Jack is absolutely frighteningly brilliant--or at least, I'm always half-terrified, when I'm with him, that I won't be able to keep up: He has a B. Maybe he's a crazy conservative and you're a wacky liberal, or vice versa. As if all that weren't fantastic enough, he is a huge sweetheart: in addition to being attentive and sweet when we're hanging out, he also goes out of his way to help me in any way he can. Maybe he's the hot idiot guy who works in the marketing department, who always seems to want to get into some inane conversation with you over the water cooler.Do away with all the trappings of a romantic relationship.Give your sexual partner a small window of time during which you will be available--say, during your lunch break, or late-night on Friday--and use that time for sex, and sex only.

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There is one exception to this rule, though: If the person was a total jerk to me, or made me feel unsafe in any way, then his karma is being ghosted forever.

The minute he opens his mouth, the reason will be clear.

#2: Make it clear to the other person--and yourself--up front that what you're having is a tryst. Don't go out for dinner with the person, or for drinks.

He texted me after the date, but never asked me out again, so we just kind of let the inevitable fade out happen organically.

Flash forward three months, and I bumped into him on the street in So Ho.

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