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After that, you can continue using the editor for the lifetime, however, you wouldn't get any further updates or technical support.

You can choose to renew the license, and if you do so 1 month before the update rights and support period expire, you will get a 25% discount on the current license price.

If you are using our WYSIWYG HTML editor locally or in an intranet you may also register an address instead of a Domain Name.

An Activation Key generated for a Domain can be used on all its subdomains.

It does not include the unminified source code and technical support.

A Professional License allows you to use and further develop the Froala WYSIWYG HTML Editor on 10 (ten) Domains and all their subdomains (e.g. The license is non-transferabble and can be used only in projects owned by the license holder (company, person or organization holding a license).

Only the Business License includes Premium Support.

Premium Support is included only in the Business License.

Contact us if you have any issues validating your VAT number.If you have purchased a license for the editor then you can generate Activation Keys inside your account.You have to generate manually Activation Keys for each Domain where the Software is used, unless you own a Wildcard Activation Key.If you don't need the rich text editor's sources and the minified version is okay then you can always download the latest version from the download page.Otherwise you have to sign in and download the sources from your account or from the same download page.

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